Why Small Enterprise Choose Business Phone Service

The world of business is quite a crowded place: startups are emerging every coming day, and large enterprises are giving tough competition with their low prices and bloated marketing budgets.

Amidst all these chaos one thing that can help small businesses to hold their position in the market is their communication system. It is the tool that will help them stay connected to their customers.

“ Just because your business is small doesn’t mean it has to sound small”.

Doesn’t matter how your small business is, it is essential to project a professional appearance to new customers and prospects. For example, an email sent to your customer through a business domain will have more impact than an email sent from a standard free email service. Similarly for your business to sound professional, it should have its dedicated and affordable business phone number. Having a dedicated Phone line has a wide range of benefits and below we have discussed a few important key points on having an office phone System.

Key Benefits of using a Business phone number 

It helps you look and feel professional

A business number will help you look more professional, successful and a way too more credible. A telephone number-whether its a local virtual Phone number or an 800 number- is just what people expect to see on your websites, business cards, brochures, and other marketing and branding mediums. Make sure all of your calls are answered in a professional manner and in a tone that is in synchronization with your business branding.

A virtual phone number not only makes you look professional, it also lets you act professionally. If you have a separate business line you will know that an incoming call is related to business. You will assume a professional tone and get well prepared in advance to discuss the business-related issues like a pro. When you are working from home, the call retention feature will allow you to move to a quiet place and continue your conversation without any noise reaching your customer’s ears.

Extremely useful when you have several employees 

A professional phone number will help you build up a consistent communication model, where a single number with multiple extensions will drastically improve teamwork efficiency. Call redirection, conference conversation and Call Statistics will help you to control the customer interaction happening in your company. Assign tasks, criticise employees who are not performing well consistently and reward the hard working one,  schedule meeting etc. by using a Virtual Phone system.

Makes your small business available 24*7

Given a choice customers would rather prefer placing a call to a business instead of writing emails or text messages and then waiting for hours to get a response and sometimes this responses are even not up to the mark and the email chain continues. This is where having a virtual phone with a virtual receptionist can rescue you by ensuring that your business is ready to take calls 24*7.

Manage all your data

Calls records bring valuable information that can help in customer relationship management as well as lead generation. CallHippo Business numbers powerful enough to blend with popular CRM tools and can easily integrate call related data into the CRM of your choice. In short, we can say that you do not only get a phone number and virtual receptionist, but also get ability to monitor, track and use valuable customer-related data.

Separate personal and professional life

In order to lead a stress-free and a peaceful life it is highly recommended to separate business and private life. A virtual phone system can help you achieve this through its advanced routing rules. Besides the basic features, it will allow you to set forwarding rules based on day and time of the week. Say for example you can have all the calls directed to your business phone number between 9:00 a.m to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday while the time before and after that and on weekends the calls can be directed to voicemail.

You can also set exclusions for business partners by including them on the VIP list. It will override all the forwarding limitation and they will be able to reach you no matter what.

CallHippo – a perfect place to streamline your communication needs.

So what you think “Does an SMB really need a Virtual phone System”? I am sure the answer will be an unconditional YES. Almost all virtual Service providers in the market have the identical Price tag, so make sure you take enough time to study each and compare them on the basis of cost and quality. And if you want to save your time, think no more and subscribe to CallHippo Services that will empower you with an advanced Phone system. We challenge you that you won’t find a better amalgamation of reliability, affordability, and convenience mixed with a wide range of professional Features.

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