Expected Digital Marketing Trends to Rule Search Market in 2018

2017 has been a monumental year for online businesses. From shopping to gaming and machine learning to artificial intelligence, the former year has completely changed the conventional way of marketing and user engagement.

However, with plenty of emerging marketing technologies, sometimes it becomes really harder for businesses to stick with the most useful digital marketing strategies to boost the performance of their brand. In the section below we will take you through a list of latest online marketing trends that you should endeavour in 2018. Following the latest trends will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is probably the most advanced technology in digital marketing field that amazingly improves the user experience. This is a process of integrating digital information in the real environment of the user in real time.

Last year with the launch of iPhone 8 and X we got familiar with AR. Recently in the F8 developer conference, even Facebook has made their intention clearer that the sooner they will take a big move with AR. So you can also consider introducing AR as a part of digital marketing strategy. It will help you to improve online engagement which will directly boost the performance of your business.

WhatsApp for Enterprises

Finally, in 2017, WhatsApp has invited businesses to join their platforms and large enterprises like Indigo Airlines, BookMyShow have already joined the revolution. Currently they are only using it as a platform for customer service. But it is expected that sooner it will become a platform for brand promotion. So if you have not joined the business revolution of WhatsApp then you shoulder give it a though as early as possible.

Video Will Continue to Rule the SERP

If you are thinking of effective digital marketing campaign then you should also make effective strategies to dominate the search engine result page (SERP). You can expect a plenty of traffic from the SERP but you also need to be ready to meet the demand of the search engine algorithm. Apart from the basic SEO techniques, Google has also clearly mentioned the fact that having video content on a website is going to be an important ranking factor.

It is also expected that videos will continue to dominate the search engine result page even in this year. Consider inserting relevant videos on the target pages of your website. Meet your developers and ensure that using HD video on your website will not make your website bulkier. There are some quality companies are available out there that offers web development in Cape Town, as well as ion the other offshore cities. You can hire one of them to integrate videos into your website without making the site bulkier.

In addition, videos also help businesses to communicate with their potential customers easily. It will enable you to showcase your business mission, vision and journey easily. You can also think of 360o videos and VR video marketing. This type of video marketing will help businesses to make product promotion really entertaining.

So this is all for today. Hope you have you have enjoyed reading it.

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