WP Reset Plugin – The Best Way to Reset Your Site!

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Are you planning on testing new themes and plugins to make your WP site more appealing? It is essential to set the database values to default such that you can visualize the changes appropriately and find out the compatible one. You might think about removing links, comments and other data step-by-step. But it is not at all an effective measure. It also makes the process complicated and time-consuming.

Many individuals prefer reinstalling of the WP site but you have to invest a lot of time. Rather than these processes, you can use WP reset plugin and set the database value to its default with a single click. Also, you have to go through a number of safe mechanisms to ensure that you are resetting it on your own. With this approach, it helps in protecting the data from accidental loss. If you are going to use this plugin, you must know what reset would delete and would not delete from the site.

Resetting will Delete

  • WP database tables (you can select individual or select them all)

Resetting will not Delete

  • Site address, site title and search engine visibility
  • WordPress address and site language
  • Files, plugins and themes

Remember that you have to spend a few minutes to hours in order to test new plugins and themes for your site. During this period of time, no one can avail of the services. The visitors will get errors messages on the site. This may lose new clients and can hamper the count of existing clients. So, you must make them aware of the maintenance work by using coming soon plugin. It helps you in creating a page with customized theme, image, text, character and color. You can also add countdown timer to make it more realistic.

Resetting the WP Site – Learn the Steps Here!

Not to mention, anyone can reset the WordPress by logging in to the site. Now, you have to look for Database Reset option under Tools. Select the tables that you want to reset or tick on ‘Select All’ to reset them all at once. By entering the security code and clicking on OK, you can proceed. It will wipe off all the selected tables within a few minutes. Once the process gets completed, you will get back to the WP dashboard. Now, you can test new themes and WordPress plugins as per your needs.

Since there is no undo button for resetting, you have to cross multiple-safe mechanisms. If you find that there is a need of security for your site, you can use Security Ninja and secure it from online hazards. The best thing is that you will get benefited from more than 50 tests of your site security from experts.


Suppose you are ready to reset WP site, you must know that you can use WP-CLI command. It helps in making the process even faster. If you want to get a professional touch, you must hire the experienced developers and get their trustworthy services on demand.