What is the Role of a Thumbnail in Bringing Audience to Your Video on Facebook?

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Facebook, over the past few years, has managed to be the largest social media platform. It not only has millions of active users per month but also manages to generate the maximum revenue among all the other social networking sites. So, if you are a social media influencer who prefers to reach out to the audience through creative videos, then YouTube might be your first home. But you know restricting yourself up to YouTube is no gainer. To reach out to a wider audience and to increase your popularity, Facebook serves as the best tool.

If you want to reach to a larger scale of an audience through Facebook and yet maintain your channel on YouTube with maximum subscribers and views then you need to follow these steps. Firstly, you will require a YouTube to Facebook converter that will help you in converting the YouTube video and make it compatible with Facebook’s guidelines. You can get this converter service for free online on any of the relevant websites. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of your YouTube video. In less than a minute you will receive a converted link which you have to paste on your Facebook page/timeline.

If you are a popular face on YouTube, naturally you will have a lot of popularity on Facebook as well. As soon as people click the link on your Facebook page, they will be redirected to watch your video on the YouTube channel. This will help you gain views organically on your YouTube channel as well as increase your subscribers!

Now another question that arises is, how will people know your video is worth a watch or not? When you open your Facebook timeline, you will find there is a lot of content on the webpage or on your home screen. There will be thousands of posts by people, some advertisements popping here and there, other options to navigate to other home pages, etc. Now, this view is similar for your audience as well. So, if you decide to upload a content on Facebook how will you ensure that people will pause and click on your content instead of scrolling down?

The answer to this question is an attractive thumbnail. A Facebook thumbnail is larger than a YouTube thumbnail with the improved pixel. So, while converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail, make sure you use the service of a thumbnail generator. This thumbnail generator will capture an original image from your video and set is as a thumbnail. In that way, people will know what your video is all about. However, if you do not want any image from the video and you are looking for an external image to be the thumbnail image of your video that is also possible. You can set up a customised image for the thumbnail which will be visible to the audience. Make sure it has clarity and represents your content correctly.

With an attached play button on the large thumbnail, people can easily play it. If your content is unique, people will definitely share it and you will get your desired fame.