What is the programming languages used for App development?

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Being a part of the crowd, we all are aware of the importance and dependency on our mobiles. From making important business calls to be a gamer, to shopping for grocery, to communicating with our wearable and smart objects, we rely on our smartphones and their applications. Therefore undoubtedly, the industry of mobile app developers Dubai and all over the world has multiplied in leaps and bounds and has altered the functionality of businesses worldwide. Millions of mobile apps have been developed in recent years both for consumers and business users. The developers always must begin with choosing the best mobile programming language for the app they are building, whether it is professional productivity tool or entertaining game app.

When it comes to making a choice in the language type to be used for making an app, the best mobile app developers keep in mind a variety of factors. These generally include the mobile operating system or OS that the app will run on, the level of functionality required and the ease of writing code. There are many languages being used by developers today. Let us know about a few of the most important ones.


The programming language, Objective-C was anointed by Apple to make robust and scalable apps run on mobile and desktop (MacOS) operating systems. like various other languages like Python and Java, this is also an object-oriented programming language dealing with graphics, I/O, and display functions. Rigorous planning is required using this type of programming language, thus making it easy for the developers to update and upgrade apps. Building apps by using objective C, the developer no longer must spend time opening long strings of code. However, Apple is now planning to replace it with a new language- Swift.


Although Objective-C has been long used as a reliable language for developing apps for Apple platforms, there has been a need for a more modern programming language last year, especially in writing code for Apple’s latest APIs (application programming interfaces), Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Swift is the latest programming language being used in the Apple ecosystem. It is an improved and easier-to-learn successor to Objective-C, which was basically designed to eliminate the possibilities of many of the security vulnerabilities that come with Objective-C.


Java programming language is another major mobile app language used by Google’s Android.  This is an object-oriented language that was developed many years ago by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle). Since then it has gained popularity because of its versatility and using Java mobile developers can build code that can run in multiple environments. It can be run either in a browser window, or in a virtual machine that can do without a browser, and on different platforms, accelerating apps’ development and deployment processes.


Another object-oriented language, Python is another programming language used for developing apps. Python allows for rapid development for apps because of the advanced data structures and dynamic semantics. Consequently, using this language the developers can quickly test and debug codes that could also be utilized for developing other apps. It is renowned as a glue language because of its ability for being effective when used for writing scripts that bind existing software components.


HTML is a must to be known the language if you are looking to build web pages, and HTML5 is an ideal programming language for building a Web-fronted app for mobile devices. It is the latest version of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (WWWC) Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) featuring multimedia support, providing full functionality across different platforms, devices, and various browsers. The various data types can be made simple to insert, input parameters can be rationalized using this language. HTML5 is supported in a lot of different ways by different browsers and can also be used to build apps for both Apple and Android devices.

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