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Web Hosting Made Easy: A Guide

today’s digital age, perhaps the most important asset to any business is their website. This is how
you portray your brand to the world and will often be the first
point-of-contact with a customer as the internet is where consumers turn when
looking for any kind of product or service. This means that you must have a
website that is of the highest standard and a good representation of your
brand. This will include reliable web hosting for high-performance, reliability,
and security. Here is all that you need
to know about web hosting so that you can publish your website with confidence:

Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a
service that publishes your website. It involves paying a fee (usually monthly)
so that you can use their servers to publish the site, plus in most cases, you will also get a wide range of
additional features.

Of Web Hosting

As you might
imagine, there are various types of web hosting and
it is important to shop around the find the best deals and providers. Here are
the main types to consider:

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting involves having your website on the same
server as a number of other websites. The key benefit of this is that it is
much more affordable and is therefore considered the entry level of hosting.
This does mean that performance may be impacted and you may struggle with high

Virtual Private
Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS divides a server into virtual servers which enables a
website to be hosted on its own server but still sharing with a few other
users. You will benefit from root access to a virtual space and secure hosting,
but performance can still be somewhat limited.

Dedicated Server
Hosting: Exclusive rental of an entire server for maximum control, performance, and security. As you would expect, this is an
expensive hosting option.

Cloud Hosting: A
team of servers (a cloud) work together to
host a group of websites so that multiple machines can be used to handle high
levels of traffic. An emergent way of running websites in the cloud involves
creating Docker images to run static HTML websites using Nginx that are deployed
in a cloud service like AWS. There are a few simple practices to follow in
order to ensure you’re running secure containers.

To Choose

It can be tricky to
decide what the best type of web hosting for your brand is and then to find a
provider. It will depend on the scale of your operation and what your budget
is, but no matter what type you choose, it is important to shop around to
compare deals and make sure that you are getting a good service with a range of
additional features.

Every company
needs a great website which is fast, responsive and able to handle traffic
easily. This will come down to web hosting and this can be a complex and
daunting area if you do not know much about it. Hopefully, this information
will help you to understand and choose the best host for your particular


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