Use the Right WordPress Plugins to Improve Visibility of Your Website

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Creating WordPress based website is a simple thing as it does not involve any hassles at all. It takes only a few minutes to create a basic site using WordPress theme. However, you need to add plug-ins to your website so that it becomes more efficient or beneficial in terms of performance as well as usability. Hundreds of plug-ins are there. You can use a few for enhancing the visibility of your website. In other words, these plug-ins will help you with SEO benefits. So, we shall find a list of those in the following section.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plug-in will give you an SEO analyst for your website. For making strategies for business marketing, it is important to have SEO analysis data. It will fetch all those critical data that you require for chalking out your future SEO plans or goals. Some of the highlighted features of this tool have been discussed below:

  • Number of times when keywords appear
  • Have you ethically used keywords?
  • Google SERP data for specific pages

All in One SEO Pack

It is another good as well as quite a useful plug-in. It comes with many benefits in the offering. If you install this plug-in, you shall get data that show up your efforts behind SEO for your website. Sometimes, business owners promote their website more than required. Due to over promotional activities your site gains negative impression from Google. Similarly, website owners promote their websites in many cases. As a result, your website does not perform as per anticipation.

Google Analyticator

This plug-in is essential for small business owners. For example, you run a debt consolidation business website. You would surely like to provide online consultation to your clients or potential clients. This plug-in will help you to judge things that visitors like on your website. It will also tell you about the things that visitors do not like about your site. The idea is to know these things and making the website more desirable or user-friendly for visitors. That is the reason why you should use this plug-in.

Many financial plugins help you keep track your income from your site. Such plugins can be especially helpful when you need to be prudent about money.

SEO Content Control

Content is king, and this will be true even after 10-20 years. There is no substitution of good contents. If you know the art of writing information as well as useful contents, your website will undoubtedly get successful or well-known. People would like to visit your site for informative contents.  This plug-in intends to find positives and negatives of your website’s contents. Based on its reports, you can make your website content more useful as well as attractive.

SEO Friendly Image


This plug-in will help optimizing images of your website. Images are essential as well as integral parts of sites. They should be well managed and also SEO friendly. Now, it is not easy to understand SEO friendly attribute of images. For that reason, you should opt for using this advanced plug-in which comes with seamless facilities in offering for detecting SEO friendliness attribute of images of your website.

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