Top Reasons Why WordPress Is Such a Popular Choice among Website Developers

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WordPress is easily among the most preferred content management systems used by developers for creating a variety of websites for business and personal use. Apart from being completely free, it has a large number of features and functionalities that website developers find very useful. Some outstanding advantages of using WordPress:

Ease of Use

Undoubtedly, it is the ease of use of WordPress that makes it the content management system of choice for website developers. You really don’t have to be an expert to build a really professional-looking website thanks to its intuitive user interface. The platform has a dashboard built-in that allows users to add virtually everything they want; pages, posts, and even categories besides the ability to change all settings and themes. WordPress is a truly versatile web development platform with full functionality and best of all; it is completely free so making web solutions is extremely cost-effective.

Options for Themes

As is known very well, it’s the design of the website that attracts visitors to explore the content and thereafter carry out transactions. With WordPress, website design becomes extremely simple as the platform makes use of themes to decide the site’s appearance and navigation. There are literally thousands of themes available from third-party theme developers that can be used as is or customized according to specific needs, explains a Tayloright consultant. Most of these themes are freely downloadable from the internet. Developers have a very wide choice of themes; there are ones that work well with certain types of websites, while others are multipurpose so they give a very big playing field to website developers.

Plugins for Easy Customization

With WordPress, web developers don’t have to keep on reinventing the wheel every time they require a particular functionality or feature. There is a huge variety of plugins, typically developed by the very vibrant WordPress user community that can be downloaded and installed simply and quickly and you are ready to roll with the function you want. The really good thing about these plugins is like many other things in the WordPress environment they are either completely free or available at very nominal prices. There are even plugins for implementing e-commerce solutions.

Self-Hosted Platform

Among the many reasons why WordPress is so well liked by bloggers is that it offers an opportunity for self-hosting. What this means is that you can choose any provider of web hosting services and get going by installing on it the software from WordPress.org. This method of web hosting is very simple and easy to manage besides being relatively inexpensive. It is also possible to opt for a custom domain name instead of the conventional WordPress sub-domain.


WordPress has kept itself high on the technology curve and offers responsive design capabilities that make it easy for visitors to browse WordPress sites on mobile devices with varying screen sizes. It is also extremely SEO-friendly as the architecture allows social media integration and easy access to web crawlers for indexing the pages.Strong community-support is also one of the advantages of using WordPress.

Author Bio: Maria Jones is a website developer with extensive experience of working with small and medium enterprises across diverse sectors. Maria is currently collaborating with Tayloright, a top-notch SEO agency to develop SEO-friendly WordPress sites that work out of the box.