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Similarly, Google controls the search space in the United States, depending on the Baden China’s Baden Channel. A combination of government restrictions, local knowledge, language skills, and a little bit of expertise has shown that Bedro emerges as a search engine for half a billion sugar consumers who use the Internet regularly.

Consequently, the search engine for a BMW has become zero for companies searching for increasing their business in China. However, although the company looks like an unbroken shock, trying to do the same thing like Google, Bing and Yahoo, about communicating and optimizing their website for search engines. There is no solution.

To put it in the most simple terms: Badoo is not Google, and Improve your site for Awesome is a different animal than Google optimized for.

In this post, we define 21 modes to improve your website to rank high search engine results page (guardian). We have divided 21 modes into China, Content, Technical, and Link Building – and we have been able to work around four to get the best results for Bad and China in China.


Domain Name:  Baddo likes domains that use an .cn advanced domain (TLD). While doing Baido rating, .com and .net sites will be done, and especially for the search engines, access to Bido is continuing, and they constantly ranked on SERPs.

Hosting: While other search engines are not particularly caring for your site to be hosted (Beware for any effect on site speed) Bedro hosts your website in China. While Hong Kong counts for this purpose and to serve bandwidth to Centralland, Taiwan certainly does not.

Physical Address: Bedo helps sites that have physical presence in China, or at least one physical presence. This does not mean that you need to open a Beijing office or a rent in Shanghai. But you should make sure that you have local Chinese contact details on your site.

Sensor Ship: The China government implements a strict censorship regime for all online activities in China. Baidu Indexes will see sites that violate sites sites that contain site sites with sites that refuse to list listing or disconnected from the binary database.

ICP License: With China’s bureaucratic government and general sensor system, all websites should apply for a license to internet content (ICC) license. It is not difficult to get, but usually it appears in a month when the documents are saved in all settings. Without the ICC license, ranking on the audio app is extremely difficult, if not impossible.


Language: Your site should present this material in Chinese, but be warned: Chinese does not have sugar. Baidu holds strong preferences for Chinese Chinese characters and it also indexes traditional Chinese, it does not rank oral, canteen, or other foreign verbal sites (English, French, Spanish, or German).

Meta tags:  According to the Search Engine Ground Audio Classification algorithm, it focuses on the meta tag that it does not have importance on Western search engines. These include:

Title Tags:  These must include your keywords and as per Google or any other search engines. However, Badoo has also encouraged sites to name their brand or company in each title at the end of the title.

Meta Descriptions:  while a slight temperature element for Google, enter into the sites with the details of the BEDO related metabolism, which include the keyword or the keyword’s keyword that ignores this meta element. Make sure the meta description is well written for high ranking.

Ultimate Tags: Badoo has included all the pictures in an alert tag which has been published on the publication and page. A local Chinese site is based on the current English language site for businesses, these tags are ignoring it easily. Make a part of your construction to modify them all.

  • Tags : Baidu treats similar tags with other search engines. Each page should have at least H1 tag, and H2 and H3 tags should be used to break the content without leaving any heading level. Make sure your keywords are repeated in your tags.

New content: Bedro has helped new content on older content and similarly, a useful optimization strategy is a regular creation and publication of new, fresh content. It may include a blog host for business, to include regular press releases and media releases and to ensure that the content is engraved, talks with the Chinese geostist and will be published on regular schedule.

Unique Content All search engines punish duplicate content but Bedo is especially tough. Your content should be unique, not only on your site but also online. This means that ‘Scrapers’ and Bits will be reproduced to other places on the Chinese website by taking your content. Working quickly to solve the example of the insurgency will help prevent the sentence from duplicate from duplicate content.

Anchor Text:  Bideau gives close attention to your text message so that you should make sure that the internal links (which are being directed to users in another part of your site instead of external URLs) should ensure that you Or alter the text text with the designated keywords for the blog post. It is also a good SEO practice for other search engines, but is especially important in bad weather and in China.

At the peak Many China-based SEO reports that Beddo Crawler is not as powerful as Google Bits, and recommend having key keywords near the top of the page. While it is also a good strategy for Western search engines, it is especially important if Beddy’s crawler does not manage to be made at the bottom of the content before going ahead.

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