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Tips to Strategically Optimize eCommerce Website on Search Engine

  • Posted on December 16, 2016
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In this highly competitive business environment, developing a search engine friendly e-commerce website is certainly the most constructive approach that can be capitalized by product merchants. The optimization of e-commerce website has become the essential prerequisite to secure success in the niche of internet marketing. Evaluating the current online market scenario it can be stated, millions of entrepreneurs are struggling to survive in the volatile market; you can imagine the amount of effort you need to put into search engine marketing in order to stay ahead of the curve and make a distinctive place in the market with a positive brand image. Only if your website is coded to be searchable at the SERPs you can attain online visibility.

Search engine crawl trillions of web document to collect information in order to index the web pages and return to the searchers with the most relevant results. While your website will probably be located by Google without making any effort but you can accelerate the indexing process by simply submitting the site to Google.

Use of Header Tags

The header tags are the HTML elements used to define title, heading of the content. They are helpful in maintaining the content flow without making the readers bore and describe the content in a perfect manner, different header tags are available like H1, H2, H3, it’s important to make use of the header tags in proper flow and it helps the site to portray an impressive impression to the visitors.

Well-written Meta Tags & Meta Description

The content along with your website that shows up in the search engine result is known as Meta descriptions and Meta titles. The text can be customized to give the potential customers a deeper insight into your online store. Thus, Meta tag must be included to each page of the site and written like the short introductions that inform people about your website and business and entice the searchers to visit your website.

Define Alt Attributes of Image Tag

The search engine crawlers are unable to decode the image hence it will be pragmatic to include ALT attributes that are concise and complete.

Keyword Enriched URL

Uniform Resource Locator must consist of the prime keyword or business name, this doesn’t not help the visitors to memorize your online address but it will be also helpful in terms of site optimization and obtaining hiring rank in the SERPs.

Reduce the Loading Time

It’s utterly crucial to ensure your site doesn’t take more than 3 seconds, working with the graphics, minimizing the flashing image, reducing the number and size of files and image and capitalizing different CMS platforms you can reduce the website loading time to a significant level.

Include Social Sharing Functionality

Social media has become the prime medium platform to connect with large audience hence by implementing social sharing functionality you can encourage the visitors to share the product details online with friends or families.

Link Your Site to the Social Profiles

Include your website’s link to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to strengthen your link trail.

Site Must Be W3C Validated

If you validate the site through W3C, you will be notified of the error present in your webpage and it’s an indispensable part of site optimization.

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

It occurs when numerous web pages of the same website try to rank in the SERPs for the similar keywords. You would end up confusing the search engine crawler and forcing it to choose one haphazardly from the pages and this eventually weakens the website’s ability to obtain traffic for that specific keyword.


These are just the basic, compulsory steps of search engine optimization; a professional online marketing company can only help you to bring the ducks of search engine optimization in a row. With regular analysis of your website’s performance on the search engines, they discover the aspects that must be improved and help you refine the search optimization strategy in accordance to that.

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