The Top Security Solutions to Take into 2019

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Digital security is paramount for society, businesses, and individuals alike. What with elections becoming tampered with due to foreign intervention, to social media becoming weaponized, to old-school data breaches, our digital lives have real consequences to the world at large. Individuals need to know how to protect themselves and keep their systems updated and secure, but it is businesses and governments that take the brunt of responsibility. These entities need to know and follow security trends and make these top improvements in 2019 or else risk total catastrophe.

Stronger On-Site Data Protection

Though digital security absolutely needs a digital approach, there is only so much you can do if your own hardware is limiting you. That is why your business needs the SonicWall TZ400. Having it will boost firewall speeds, allow you to offer greater control over login capabilities over your Wi-Fi, as well as improve your company’s ability to fight against malware and phishing attacks. By enhancing your on-site hardware, you can actually boost all other security tactics and their effectiveness in the future.

Cloud Storage Security

Though the IaaS provider does take on the role of IT manager and security team for your cloud account that does not mean you should ever assume that all is being done. You need to train your employees, add extra security measures, and of course ensure that you are following the code of conduct as outlined by your cloud storage provider.

Invest in Blockchain

Blockchain can potentially revolutionize the world once it has become more widely adopted. What it does, essentially, is that it provides a validation for every step along the information chain. This can help secure supply chains, provide better encryption for voting and even allow for digital voting, and of course, allows for more immediate and secure money transfers.

IT Budget Boost for Security

Nearly every IT department is underfunded and underappreciated, but if you as a company want to survive and thwart all cyber attacks from your business, you are going to have to give your IT department the resources they need. Nearly 99% of attacks in the future will not come as a surprise, but instead, have exploited vulnerabilities that your IT department was aware of, but unable to fix. Listen to them and help them, help you.

Train Your Employees

Finally, remember to train your employees and keep their knowledge updated so that they can recognize and adapt to threats on the Internet before they concern you. Your employees need to stay safe online at home and at work in order to provide you with the clad-iron security.

Individuals consider their digital security to be at the hands of the companies that they use. They trust the e-commerce stores to have the right security in place and for government and banking entities to invest heavily so that their data is safe. The issue is when those in charge do not understand the nature of the technology they are commanding. When this happens, IT departments are often underfunded, and potential data breaches are ignored until after the breach occurs. Don’t let this fallacy cloud your judgment, and instead, invest in these top security solutions today.