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The bits and bytes of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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In this modern age of technology, the term AI or artificial intelligence is much of heard now.  AI or artificial intelligence, the name which is instigating into every ones intellect was not a reality a few decades back and hence yet it is developing only. People could think about how a machine can start thinking on its own. The idea about an electronic brain originated somewhere around the mid of the 1950s. With few hiccups, it was back into study and development in the 1970s. Scientists have put in all the efforts to bring to mankind what is called the Artificial Intelligence, which can think for itself. Now, in the 21st century, investment and interest in artificial intelligence have surged. It is the backbone of every industry. It seems quite difficult to imagine the world without AI as it runs in the blood of most industries.

In artificial intelligence, the software or simple programs called intelligence agents deliver the expected outcome for the instructions provided by the user. In any software, inbuilt information is present which the programs refer to at a particular time. The programs are designed to perform tasks including decision making, data manipulation, logical thinking, self-learning, planning-creation and execution these are few to name.

 Artificial Intelligence headfirst into different sectors

Artificial intelligence has found usage in numerous industries, like education sector, aviation industry, finance, hospitals, medical research& development, the armed services, we have artificial intelligence in manufacturing sector as well. We have AI being used worldwide in everyday life.

The applicability of AI is vast. It is used in face recognition, speech recognition, handwriting recognition, photo and video manipulation, gaming, natural language processing, robotics the list may never seize.

Products that use AI for gaming makes the user feel that there is a real opponent playing against the user making the game all the more interesting. The program is designed with all the possible options available in the game. That’s more fun for the user.

The natural language processing, on the other hand, is artificial intelligence where the computer needs to understand and process the human language. It involves facial recognition and analysing a large amount of data.

Facial recognition and speech recognition are now used in every area when the facial and speech samples are checked against already existing samples. These applications make work easier faster and safer.

In many sectors where monotonous work becomes redundant to human innovation, artificial intelligence takes over to plug in the gap. We have many areas where this happens like artificial intelligence in manufacturing companies, where AI takes care of the unskilled monotonous work and human intelligence is put to better use. When AI takes care of the day to day business, the operating cost also goes down, and profits soar.

Artificial Intelligence – the saviour of the future

The use of AI has restructured the educational institutes and the training institutes to accommodate the required technological upgrade. And with new knowledge always comes new job opportunities. We can expect that shortly the present technology may get outdated it would be the era of artificial intelligence.