Most Secured Web Hosting Service Providers in Europe

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The European continent is known for its strict and distinct laws concerning the web privacy. There have been many internet service providers in this continent, and all are under the full control of those rules. These laws make building trust with the users possible and allow for free sharing of information by them at their own will. Such practices have also prevented fraudsters who pretend to be an organisation to steal data from those who fall into their traps.

These are some of the best European sites with the best data protection policies:

  1. Ezee Hosting

It is quite apparent you want speed and security at the same time. Ezee hosting is a modern web hosting service that dedicates itself to providing speedy services without compromising the safety of their customers. It is protected by the DDoS web protection service that has proven to be one of the best protection services around. Analysis of traffic occurs as it is received to detect any malware that may be present. This site also prohibits redirection to harmful websites.

  1. FatCow

Do you like a firewall and malware protection system for your system because of fear of being bullied because of what you do? FatCow is the best option for you in that it provides a Firewall and an updated malware protection service to your account to help you safeguard your website from malware attacks. Its control panel is so simplified that it requires no additional IT knowledge to operate. The web builder is also simple and makes it easy to develop quality websites with just a click of a button.

  1. IX Web Hosting

IX is also another highly protected web host. It combines several of the existing website protection services to ensure that maximum protection to its users. Alongside the website protection services, it includes the use of several emails to allow for easy management just in case one of the accounts is vulnerable because of a password a friend stole for one of your accounts. This site is the best for the paranoid people who are in fear of having their information leaked or do not want their ideas to be stolen from them before they implement them.

  1. BlueHost

With combined speed and security, BlueHost is one of the safest web hosts you can trust. It provides security services which include scanning spam messages and viruses using a robust response system that analyses traffic received to prevent intrusion of the malicious software to the server. Through such systems, you create a good environment to work in.

  1. GoDaddy

Just like celebrities are protected and so is GoDaddy the famous web hosting service. It provides multiple hosting systems which are easy to load and may be used for various purposes, and this means that access is from different people with different application needs. With such enormous access, there is a likelihood of malicious content coming through as materials are moved from sites to sites especially with those people who continuously download stuff day in day out.