Important Things about Design and Development of Social Intranet for Business Purposes from Creative Intranet Website

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The modern-day human is living online. From connecting to friends and shopping to doing work, various types of online mediums are used to make life easy and comfortable. Apart from personal life, the internet has made a special place in success of a business. Big as well as small organizations use various kinds of online tools to improve employee engagement and achieve business objectives quickly.

Thus, not only the in-house employees but the remote members associated with the company can also share information and resources through this common platform. This makes it particularly effective for companies that want to connect employees from different branches at a global level and enhance the communication network. The exclusive accessibility of this platform for only the restricted group of people differentiates intranet website from the conventional websites.

Numerous enterprises and business organizations around the world have by now realized the importance of social intranet for enhancing communication within their departments. But why would a company invest on augmenting communication between its employees? This is because improved networking has a direct positive impact on the business processes and dealings of the company. This rise in business owes to the increase in involvement of the employees towards the company thereby leading to increase in their productivity. Businesses are thus recommended to invest on latest and creative designs of an intranet to ensure positive performance and feedback.

The various features of intranet design and development that represents suitable software include:

  • Smooth and meaningful pattern
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Simple and easy to manage administration
  • Convenient ranking and rating of content
  • Compatibility and responsiveness with different devices
  • User management
  • Easy to setup with guided migration assistance
  • Smart search for information and important messages

All these features and many more such convenient patterns combine to form a suitable and highly functional intranet for an organization. This further increases the importance of hiring a quality intranet portal design and development company to ensure that you get a personalized and most favourable intranet network for your business. Hiring a novice developer for the same would lead to unsatisfactory software that yields low performance.

Creative Web Mall is one such company which offers a convenient process of setting up social intranet for business of any scale and nature. The team of professionals at Creative is known for their intranet portal solutions and Intranet development services that pose as profitable for numerous businesses. You may contact them through their official website for a customized solution that best suits your particular needs.

Intranet website is different from a company’s website over the Internet in many ways. An internet website is accessible for employees, customers and people using the Internet from across the globe. On the other side, intranet website of a company is networking between all employees who can do lots of professional activities together to achieve a company goal.

An intranet website of an organization is a secure network that only company employees can access, and share knowledge, develop connection with other employees and raise productivity. Intranet website can also help in improving:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Resource Management
  • Communication
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Report Sharing

Intranet Website Development

A well designed and developed intranet website can help a company conduct all its operations smoothly. There are various things that are considered by developers while planning an intranet website, and they are:

  • Primary audience which is going to use the intranet website. It could be managers, employees and other members belonging to the company.
  • Goals of the company. This may include level of communication and why conversation is important, data sharing and knowledge employees can share on the website.
  • Here people of the company are given authentication. It could be writing content, sharing files or accessing them.
  • In-charge of the website.

In addition to daily office duties, employees of an organization have to communicate and share files with each other as their professional work. If the company is following traditional methods of conversation and data sharing, they are required to switch to multiple platforms. This results in time wasting and killing productivity.

A technique to eliminate problems that employees face is an intranet web portal where top management as well as low level employees can communicate, share knowledge and reports with each other. In addition, this private social network also allows employees to perform their many office duties on platform. It saves their valuable time and gives them an opportunity to be productive.

What’s Web Portal Software

A company’s private web portal software is an internet-based interface that allows all company employees to stay connected with each other through internet network. These employees can access company applications even when they are outside the office building or during an office tour. Such software can be designed and customized keeping company motives and requirements in mind.

Development of Web Portal Software for Employees

Every organization has its needs and objectives. In addition, its structure as well as employee numbers are different from other companies. A private social networking portal which is beneficial for one company may be full of problems for others. So, a company must have its own web portal software for employees. This portal must have feature beneficial for both the organization as well as its employees.

Why Creative Web Mall?

To reap all benefits of private network, it is necessary to get an intranet website developed by experienced developers. Creative Web Mall follows protocols and standards of the Internet to develop a website for your business that may help you bring all your employees on a common platform. In addition, the company ensures that the website consists of features your business requires.

Creative Web Mall is a sophisticated and budget-friendly portal software solution that deals in development of web portal software for employees of a company. Reasons to choose Creative Web Mall are:

  • Experienced developers make super-easy and beneficial web portal software that can engage employees in an interesting manner.
  • The software can help in ultimate productivity as well as centralized documentation in a secure manner.

Creative Social Intranet Software is a business intranet portal that provides companies the ability to share ideas, post documents, merge schedules, upload photos & collaborate on projects within a single secure intranet portal.