How to Choose Word Press Music Theme for an Artist

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WordPress allows you to create a website easily and comes with a content management system. There are numerous WordPress music themes to use for your music site; you must carefully select one that will suit your needs as a musician. The tips discussed below will help assist you to decide on the best Sonaar-WordPress music themes for musicians that fit your career.

Is the Theme Free or Premium??

A free theme is obtained for free whereas a premium theme is bought. The significant difference between these two is design, code and quality. Most free themes will not offer you the best regarding quality and security as compared to premium themes.

The second advantage of a premium theme is that it has excellent customer care and support system that provides a platform for the users to interact with the author. All your questions about this theme will be answered to enable you to navigate its technicalities with ease.

Premium themes come with free regular updates about online security and improvements on its functional features. The buying price of a premium theme is a bit high, but it is the only cost you have to cater for since there is no monthly fee required.

Is the Theme Responsive?

Responsiveness means that it is highly flexible and can smoothly operate in different electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets. Do not buy a theme before you test it just because it is labelled responsive. You might as well determine the responsiveness of a theme using websites that have been developed for that sole purpose.

Compatibility with Various Browsers

The word press music theme you choose should run smoothly with different browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Lynx. The best theme should switch from one browser to another with ease and maintain high speeds regardless of the electronic gadget you are using. The best word press music theme should be SEO friendly too.


The design of a theme should be easy; simplicity should not be confused with low quality. A theme that bombards you with numerous features at a go is a little bit confusing and the likelihood of some features not being optimized is high.

Compatible to Plugins

Software systems that add to the operating capacity of a theme are known as plugins. Plugins enable the user to customize a theme according to their specific needs. Some themes are packaged with their plugins, but it is essential to check its compatibility with other important plugins.

Demo Versions

A demo version is software that is used to test the efficiency of a theme before you purchase it. The demo version shows you the features of a theme and how it works, in a small video before you purchase it. Ensure that the theme is equipped with security software to eliminate viruses and bugs.

A detailed check on a theme is the first step towards its acquisition and entry into the next level in your music career.