How to Boost Local SEO with Google My Business

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Every business selling products or services needs a website to attract customers. Websites are only one way to earn visitors. People have started to realize that having a website is one thing and getting traffic and making potential customers is another matter. Hence, the need for Search Engine Optimization became imminent for every business to keep up with their competition. SEO is a collective effort on different levels and on different platforms. The search engine giant – Google’s own free local business listing Google My Business is one of them.

This article from leading Website Design Auckland firm, the Business Website Group shows useful tips to make the most of this free tool available to both business and consumer class. An easy to use and extremely useful Google product that can maximize your business sales by giving all the useful information that your visits are looking for. For example, if you search Web Design Auckland near me you will instantly see a list of top web design agencies in Auckland.  You will see their location information, pictures, opening and closing hours, customer reviews, website link and phone number.

We have only scratched the surface, Google My Business is a very powerful platform to influence your local customers. Every website design agency Auckland recommends making use of this utility the first thing when they start their business presence online. The reason is that it’s the first impression that your visitors will see when they don’t have your website address but your business name only.

Getting started with Google My Business is as easy as creating a new Gmail account. You have to claim a business address and have it verified by Google. Google will post a card on the given address with a verification code ( sounds old school, no?). Once your business address is verified you can have access to the user dashboard and make your business profile. Add some nice photos of your office, get both inside and the outside views of your office. Asks for reviews from your customers or friends for your new Google My Business business profile. Before you hire a Web Design Auckland agency for SEO services you should have good ratings and profile set up on your Google My Business.

You don’t have to be a techie to do the needful on this amazing tool. Everything is straightforward and lets you give precise information about your business to the whole world.

Three things matter the most when it comes to having an effective Google My Business profile.


Relevance is the key to your successful listing on google. The more relevant your description and content is in Google My Business the more chances online visitors will visit your profile and contact you.


Another crucial component is your location. Your Google listing is more visible to those customers who are located near you.


Clarity is important for a better understanding of your business. The more to-the-point your profile is the better result on search results. Have a clear and easy to read description of your business, good quality pictures and genuine reviews can leverage your profile.

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