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How the Right Web Hosting Provider Can Improve Your Online Business

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Stable and secure web hosting is a cornerstone of any organization running it’s business online.

Whether you’re building a corporate website as a presentation, a web app that runs thousands of active monthly users or a SaaS environment for in-house business structure, web hosting is the first thing on your strategy list.

There’s a really strong correlation between your business KPI, ROI and choice of a hosting solution. Following up, we’ll list out several hosting related factors that will impact your business performance.

Speed and performance

Page load time affects business performance. The slower the page load the more likely you’ll lose converters and potential leads. This is also the case when running web apps and in-house SaaS – users rely on speed and performance as key takeaways. The interaction between you and them requires a certain amount of web resources to be exchanged between their device and your server.

Speed and performance can be achieved with code and resource optimization, utilization of content delivery networks and user training. However, there comes a point in which even top speed performance and optimization won’t be enough. Your web solution will scale in size and become heavy on the server hosting it. You’ll need better hardware such is bigger data space, faster processors, redundant links and a better network to provide scalability.

Data Security

The year 2018. has been marked with data privacy protection. It’s the first time the GDPR law and policy has been updated and globally enforced almost a decade after it’s initial adoption. Web leaders, trendsetters and technology disruptors have been trying to enforce data security. Google as a leading search engine has openly announced that having an SSL certificate will account as a ranking factor in their search engine result pages.

In order to protect your own data and data you collect from your users, you will need a stable and secure hosting solution. There is no such thing as a completely secure code, especially when it’s built with code partials or plugins to enable certain functionalities. Quality web hosting providers will provide servers with several steps of data protection from malicious scripts, DDoS attacks and other security threats no matter the hosting package. You should always take data security into consideration when you have to choose the right web hosting company.


Server uptime is something all hosting providers “guarantee”. Almost every hosting provider today guarantees 99.x% of server uptime, emphasis on the “x”. There is actually a tier division scale of servers in the uptime scale and none of them can guarantee the full 100% due to Godly factors. The higher the “x” the better the hosting provider.

Uptime is extremely important for business performance especially when running a full-scale business online such are e-commerce stores with several hundred thousand visitors on a daily basis. A few seconds of downtime can cause a huge loss of profit and in many cases would require a server reset which could mess up the processes such are orders and shipments. There are numerous cases in which downtime brought a business to its knees so keep your eyes open for hosting providers that run tier 1 data centers secured with redundant links.


The choice of a hosting solution can affect your SEO performance both directly and indirectly.

Being hosted on a VPS or other shared hosting solution puts you in danger performing low in the search results.

If you were hosted on a server with several websites that have a history of breaking the webmaster guidelines by serving unethical or suspicious content, you’ll have greater chances of sinking along with them. As a final solution, search engines sandbox entire servers for breaking the webmaster guidelines and general rules of the web to ensure quality content in their search result pages.

By hosting your web solution along with several others, you are in danger of being caught by malicious scripts that will flag your website as insecure.

Aside from that, leading search engines are taking page load speed into consideration as a ranking factor so having your website hosted on a heavy-loaded server will negatively affect your SEO performance.

The key takeaway

Your business will be affected by the choice of hosting solution. Speed, performance and security are the key factors that mark a quality hosting provider and are a cornerstone of your business success.