How Copywriting and SEO Services can take your Business to the Top

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SEO services are focussed on getting your business to the top of search engine enquiries and improve your website’s search engine rankings. This is easier said than done and hours of research and writing go into achieving this. With quality copywriting services from an SEO agency you can rest assured you will be on the first page soon enough.

What are SEO services?

SEO services refers to any and all practices geared to improving your search engine ranking. This includes extensive keyword research that will tell the SEO specialist what is most relevant to your page and what individuals search when looking for similar products and services on the web.

SEO will help you determine what copy to write; if you know your audience this shouldn’t be a problem. If you know the questions your audience may have, answering them with intelligent use of key phrases is sure to improve your search engine ranking.

How do copywriting services improve search engine rankings?

Copywriting services should work with SEO to be most effective. Google ranks pages based on how relevant the content is to the search term used. The more your content appeals to readers the more likely Google will be to see you as a valuable and authoritative resource. Seth Godin himself said “The best SEO is great content.” If you create engaging content you will rank high on search engines.

How SEO and copywriting services work together to benefit the client

Traditional copywriting services don’t make use of key phrases/keywords/key terms that ultimately help determine your search engine ranking. SEO and copywriting work together best when the content is compelling to the point where it is linked to and shared, which increases its authority.

You cannot simply use the same keyword over and over again thinking this will get you the top spot. Doing this is known as “keyword stuffing” and Google not only recognises it but will penalise you for it.

Google requires the quality of the content to be high to rank high because Google would be unreliable if it gave you unrelated, low-quality content as a high ranking result to your query.

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