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How are website designers using Instagram profiles to gain visibility?

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Social media marketing is no longer young. With all the experience the social media users have gathered over the last few years, it is extremely difficult to impress them and convince them to make a purchase. Although at least 60% of your potential clients are online right now, there is no guarantee that they are looking at your Instagram profile. A successful Instagram strategy takes a long time to develop, and it takes more than double that time to implement it.

Entrepreneurs have been facing the brunt of neck to neck competition between brick-and-mortar businesses. This is also true for website developers and designers. They have been withdrawing their funds and resources from traditional marketing and leaning more towards online marketing for more gain. People check their Instagram profiles over three times per day. In the US, they are most active during lunch time between 11 am and 1 pm, and during the evening between 7 pm and 9 pm. Many Insta-rookies would automatically assume that these are the best times to post on the photo blogging site, but each user group has a different log in proclivities. Your target users might be in a different time zone, and you need to work out a schedule to accommodate their peak activity hours.

The secrets to a loyal followership

Bigger businesses have at least one team dedicated to managing their Instagram feed. They screen the photos, videos, prepare for live content, create cross-platform buzz about going live and of course schedule the content for the right time. One effective way is to buy Instagram views and followers to get more traffic.  You can post a day thrice or thrice a week. One of the successes to Instagram marketing secret is to be consistent. Website designers with the highest followership post consistently once a day or twice. They do not skip a day without leaving a notice (even a creative notice of absence can count as a post).

Most importantly, your potential followers will judge you by the quality of your content. While promoting your website development skill, you might as well show off a bit of your talent with screenshots of various designs you have done so far. Include the graphic design samples that perfectly showcase your aesthetics and creativity. This will bring you the clout necessary to command an army of followers and lead them right to your professional website. Consistency is a building block of brand authority. You need to garner the trust, respect, and intrigue of your target users to be able to turn them into your clients.

Several start-ups and indie website developers and designers prefer working their way to the market through Instagram only. They do not want to invest in websites. The present survey of brands on Instagram and other social media platforms show that designers and developers without websites do just as well through smart branding and marketing on Instagram. It is a platform with multifarious qualities that almost all kinds of entrepreneurs can use to increase their reach and explore new possibilities.

Instagram SEO

Aside from consistency in media content, you need to pay a lot of attention to your profile description. The Author Bio is one section that lets you talk about yourself, your brand and products. Mint your bio very carefully because more of your potential clients will deliver their final judgment after reading it. You have said what’s important and game-changing using limited words. This limited number of words will also include your keywords. So before you try to pen your bio, do brief keyword research on SEMRush or Google Keyword Planner to see which keywords are performing well in your niche. This bio section also provides you the opportunity to share your website URL. So, if you have a functioning and impressive work of art waiting to sweep your potential clients from a “nay” to a “yay,” you need to include its link right now.

Power of user-generated content

Once you start gaining a bit of attention on Instagram, organize an event that has the power to generate user-side content. A classic example is a quiz or a photo competition that uses brand-specific hashtags. Organizing competitions on Instagram and making them visible to your target groups is very easy when you use prizes and gifts as leverage. Competitions, discussions, quizzes, and polls increase brand interaction. They also generate a lot of brand-related content that you can later use (with permission, of course) as original Instagram content. Ensure that the user-generated content is in line with the theme and quality of your design work. A lot of different brands use this technique to keep their feed fresh, visible and happening throughout the day.

Invisible to visible with Stories and Live

Instagram is a place, where people post over 80,000 photos from all around the world. Attracting the attention of target users will take more than high res photos and hashtags. Do not forget to use your Instagram Stories and Instagram live tools to promote your brand. You can give your target users a short tour of your workspace, or you can introduce your design team. The idea is to make a brand more human. This increases the trust coefficient, and it builds loyalty among followers. This is like giving them a taste of “behind the scenes” and making them a part of your journey.

Instagram has a lot of new features, useful tools and business-friendly filters you need to use to hike all the way to the top. Sponsored ads are an option, but they can cost a bomb. Most independent designers and website development firms choose to rely on their acumen on Instagram UI and algorithm to carve their space in the market.