Here is Why You Need Marketing Automation

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Have you ever got out of bed fired up about the day ahead and couldn’t wait to get to the office and slay the business dragon? And things looked great until you got to the office and realized nothing was going the way you anticipated.

You still hadn’t heard back from that smooth-talking designer even though you left him three messages, and the newsletter needed to go out in less than five days.

Your social network pages looked a mess, and it seemed like your followers were asking questions about everything else except the promotion you’ve been advertising.

Then the marketing department just reminded you their budget needed an upward adjustment.

As the phone rings and demands your already distracted attention, you wonder if the business will ever recoup all the money you’ve invested.

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

And yet, so many business owners go through this every day. It’s a depressing scenario that can discourage a first-timer from attempting to start a business. But it’s a mess that can be quickly wiped off with marketing automation offered at

  1. It’s your Personal Marketing Manager

Marketing automation companies are invisible managers making things happen magically in the background. Only they don’t work a spell, but use proven methods to get your brand at the forefront.

The process involves a complex integration of tools that support email communication, social media, video broadcast, and website activity.

Through marketing automation, you’re able to send out your marketing content to targeted networks of people at various, predetermined times.

The marketing automation company comes up with a schedule on how your ads and posts should be disseminated, where they should be posted, and when. This leaves you free to work on other core areas of the businessand make your product/service even better.

  1. Wider Reach

Automation ensures your content reaches a wider audience by finding people not currently in your lists or networks but who fit the profile of your target audience and who would be interested in your service.

This is done using different analytics and intelligence tools. By using marketing automation, therefore, your business grows faster and you can begin to reap your ROI sooner than you projected.

  1. Track Customer Activity

It’s easy to lose track of new customers when you don’t have a system of tracking them.

Marketing automation takes care of this and provides tools to not only identify each customer, but goes further and creates a sort of onboarding process that subtly draws in the customer and makes them part of the business family.

A good service offers warm welcome packages or simply a greeting and feel-at-home message to make the new customer feel wanted. They then adjust the frequency of content and filter what the customer sees based on their interactions within the platforms and their perceived interests.

The best part in using a marketing automation service is that:

  • The entire marketing plan is taken care of.
  • All your communication and promotional material is sent out on the various platforms where your target audience hangs out.
  • Your only job is to come up with products that give them a reason to stick with you.

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