gPlayer Video Game App from 9app and Vidmate

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Technology has made people go aww. With every day new improvements there is a lot to discover. Especially when we think about phones, we feel blessed to have smartphones in our life. We believe that smartphone has made everything go easy. Nowadays there are so many apps that with just a click things become easy for us. For any sector, you just type the name and you get a variety of options for it.

In this list of apps, there is 9apps which is the best source for vidmate download apps. People usually download the app from Play Store but going this mode is better as in Play Store there are sometimes obstructions and even the app becomes slow in downloading. So, in that case, 9apps is the best option. In this list of apps, gPlayer Video Game App is the best one. It is something amazing if you love playing videos.

What is gPlayer all about?

This is a wonderful free video player which has a great number of outstanding features like multi-window layout. In this, you can change the size of the video screen, and with that, you can also share a video file with your loved ones. In case if you don’t want to work with the free version you can pay and buy the professional edition from Play Store.

When you play the video on the player you can keep the video screen anywhere you want. This gPlayer app is not being applauded for its features only, this application is also compatible with iOS and Android too.

Features offered by gPlayer Video Game App

  • For the amazing experience, this provides clean and tidy UI.
  • You have an option of sharing a video in your group.
  • It has a feature of resizing the video as per your needs.
  • A floating option is also there on the playback video screen.
  • For providing a better user experience it gives an a3D Gallery Flow Style.
  • Audio files such as mp3, wave, etc are supported by this app.
  • To add new video files available on a smartphone, there is a sync feature also present.
  • Using this video app you can play a video over any application.
  • This app also supports online video streaming.
  • In video playback, there are simple gestures to adjustment which is a great feature.


Thus to conclude this app is a great option when we want to play video and enjoy watching. Though it has two versions that are paid and free, the free one is even equally good. It has a great number of functions and works quite well.  For this app, you can go for the vidmate download.

Though in Android phone people opt for play store this app is equally good for further downloading. This application is loved by people and it requires a space of 11.8 MB. The version of this app is presently 1.9.9. Last, this app was updated on 27 September 2017.