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Four Unique Office Environments for Your Start-Up

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Start-up businesses have big dreams, limited budgets, and a lot to prove. The world certainly does not make it easy for a new company to succeed, but there is a lot you can do to improve your chances to turn your start-up into a success. To begin, put more emphasis on where your business is located. Whether you have a massive budget for office space or a moderate one, your office is key for two main reasons:

  1. To wow clients and customers
  2. To attract the top talent in your industry

A productive office environment can help propel your business’ success, but it will depend entirely on what industry you are in, and what your budgetary needs are.

A New, Innovative Office

If you are a start-up that has the backing of a few angel investors or venture capitalists, then you need to attract the top talent. The best way to do this is by renting out office space that does it all. These sorts of offices are new, and they will put emphasis on the wellness of your employees. Think of Google’s head office as an example. Though not cheap, keeping up appearances is just a feature of playing the part until your startup gets the recognition and profits it needs to succeed.

A Period Property

Perfect for creatives, academics, and research start-ups, there is nothing quite as inspired as a period property for your office space. You will need to be careful about kitting out this type of property, of course, as you will need to work with what you have. Many period properties, though updated to be office space, will still have plenty of restrictions as to what you can and cannot change to customize your office environment.

A Converted Warehouse

Converted warehouses are cool. They are great spaces that have a lot of potential to set up different office layouts and are particularly perfect for those in the creative industries. Need to set up a photo-shoot? The high ceilings and large floor plans mean you can convert a corner into your go-to photo-shoot area in no time. Your employees will be pleased, your clients will be pleased, and everyone wins.

A Co-Working Space

Not every start-up will have a large fund to work with in the beginning. Those who are either self-funding their businesses through their savings or a loan need to be smart with their money. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should settle for anything but the best. This is where co-working offices come in. You can have many different types of beautiful office spaces, from converted warehouses to period properties, to creative spaces, all for a low monthly fee on

A great office environment will go a long way towards bettering your business’ future. You will attract top talent who want a great company culture, and you will wow your clients and instill trust in them that you can do a great job. Fake it until you make it is a good mantra to live by – just remember to stay within your budget!