Discover the close link between WordPress websites and PHP that has enriched the CMS

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PHP as a scripting language is still powerful enough, and there is tremendous demand for web developers who are well conversant with it. Despite the popularity of WordPress, PHP is still much in use for creating robust websites that could match with the best in the industry. Programmers are always interested in learning more languages that could make them versatile. To develop different types of web applications, it is necessary to have good command on a wide range of programming languages.  Although you would come across programming languages like JPS, ASP, Perl, and CGI, PHP stands out from the rest in popularity. If you want to make a career in web development then having a good grasp on ASPX and PHP is almost mandatory.  Despite the ongoing debate surrounding the popularity of PHP, the experts at Greenville web Design Company would always consider it as the first choice.

PHP is mainly responsible for making WordPress what it is today. Despite the versatility of WordPress, it becomes necessary to tweak some of its features even if you use plugins to enhance SEO. It might also happen that plugins need some tweaking to make it more functional in some special ways. Although WordPress websites are ready to use, to achieve high functionalities, you need the help from developers. They use their programming skills to strengthen sites with cutting-edge features that go a long way in improving its performance. For making changes to WordPress websites, web developers make extensive use of their PHP knowledge that comes in handy. It would be a mistake to think that WordPress has affected the usefulness of PHP because the ground reality is just the opposite.

In this article, we will focus on the close link between WordPress websites and PHP and explore how the programming language has enriched WordPress websites and made it more effective. Had it not been for PHP, WordPress would perhaps not become as popular as it is today.

Giving more power to WordPress websites

The most significant contribution of PHP programmers is that they make WordPress websites much more powerful and high performing. Therefore, a large part of appreciation is due to PHP programmers who have quietly helped to enhance the popularity of the CMS. To work on WordPress websites, web developers have to know PHP language.  WordPress uses HTML and CSS, which are declarative languages but the dominant programming language is indeed PHP, followed by JavaScript. To make better use of WordPress websites, it is always advisable to have some knowledge of PHP.

PHP is the language of choice

Many people may think that the advent of WordPress has driven PHP to the back seat but in reality, PHP is still the front-runner among programming language that is highly relevant and useful for bettering WordPress websites. The waning popularity of PHP got a new lease on life by riding on the popularity of WordPress, as it became the language necessary to add more functionality to websites.  Skilled web developers still swear by PHP, the most desirable programming language without which the developers would never be able to explore their creative abilities in web development. The most talented web developers are experts in PHP that supports them to the hilt in implementing out of the box ideas in a web application.  Developers are keen to use PHP because of its ability to fuse with HTML code, and you can embed it into HTML.

PHP being an open source programming language is always gaining new inputs that add to its enrichment. Developers are continually contributing to enhance the language and make it more potent that widens the horizon of creativity. This is where PHP outscores other programming languages. Besides, programming with PHP is much easier than doing it with other languages like Microsoft Active Server Pages, Java Servlets, and Cold Fusion Module. Moreover, PHP programming is a much faster process.

The close link between PHP and WordPress

That WordPress has reached dizzying heights today would not have been possible if it was not for PHP that aided the strengthening of the CMS by facilitating the enhancement of its functionalities. That you can build pages on WordPress websites and put it together would not have been possible if developers were shy about using PHP.  A proper understanding of WordPress depends significantly on knowing PHP very well. The purpose behind the development of PHP as a programming language was to facilitate building HTML pages and to make the process easier.  The HTML page displays the results of PHP to viewers.

PHP is a precursor to HTML, and this becomes clear on looking at the full name of the language, which reads as Hypertext Preprocessor.  Since it is a Preprocessor, it becomes evident that the language handles everything before the creation of HTML pages.  PHP is primarily a server-side programming language, useful for converting static pages to dynamic ones and is capable of interacting with databases. The knowledge of PHP is essential for developing any software application for enhancing the website functionality.  GUI applications are the other areas where PHP is very useful.

How PHP works

Learning about the method of working of PHP is useful for users, and they should know how PHP works in displaying a web page to viewers. Assuming that the web page that the user requests has PHP code within it, the code processing is the task of the web server that has a PHP module installed in it.  The display that appears on the screen of the user is an HTML output generated by the PHP Preprocessor.  PHP files have the .php extension that makes it easily identifiable and is usable in HTML documents.  The PHP opening tag <? PHP and the closing tag?> is the place where processing of the code happens.

The versatility of PHP enhances significantly due to its ability to integrate with different types of databases and e-commerce platforms in particular, simply cannot do without using PHP.  The easy to learn a language that it is PHP is the language that developers love.

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