Certified VoIP Cisco Wireless Headset

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Plantronics CS540-CIS Cisco Compatible Wireless Headset is compatible with the Cisco IP phones. This convertible wireless headset is suitable for all users and it can be used either by the “over-the-head” and “over-the-ear” attachments. In fact, it is much easier to wear any method and the headset is also charged fully in wireless aspects. Certified VoIP Cisco wireless headset is also much more helpful to make the communication much comfortable and it can be used for 7 hours when fully charged and it enables the 3 days standby. The compatible Cisco wireless headset is the new headsets suitable for office communication and other application. Certified VoIP Cisco wireless headset is available with the unique features and efficiently designed across all levels. New streamlined designs also offer the impressive look as enabling more improved performance giving the extensive comfort. Cisco Compatible Wireless Headsets is highly used for the multi-tasking aspects suitable for talking up to 300 feet.

End to end controls:

With the sleek contemporary design, Certified VoIP Cisco wireless headsets are completely stable enabling more option to improve the performance and stability of the over-the-head design. The compatible Cisco wireless headset has the extensive premium wideband audio quality with wireless roaming features that enable the greater stability. Advanced design also efficiently offers the hands-free freedom for the user so that it is much used for making effective communication purposes. Plantronics is the top brand to offer quality headset with VoIP applications that would remotely make call detection. It also enables the end capability and advanced answer for providing the best extensive features. Certified VoIP Cisco wireless headsets are highly suitable for the multi-tasking that ranges up to 300 feet. End to end mute controls in the device ensures comfortable speaking to the other ends in much efficient manner. Certified Cisco IP phone tested lightest wireless headset is available on market. Headset also has the volume adjust or mute control features. Convertible Headset mainly has two types of wearing styles which is over the ear or over the head. Plantronics CS540-CIS Cisco Compatible Wireless Headset widely ranges up to 300 feet from your phone. DECT 6.0 (1.9 GHz) Technology is used in the headsets that mainly secure the audio system even without any kind of interference using the Wi-Fi networks.

SoundGuard technology:

Wireless headsets have the amazing Noise-cancelling microphone filter that would efficiently filter the unwanted background noise. The advanced wideband audio system is also enabled with the CAT-iq technology to include the High Definition voice quality. SoundGuard Technology is one of the high-end aspects that ensure you to listen with complete comfort with the acoustic limiting with the external noise protection. Plantronics CS540-CIS Cisco Compatible Wireless Headsets uses the wideband or narrowband grade audio quality suitable for listening to the voice more accurately. Headsets are made with the dynamic driver that simplifies the audio system moving the air for creating sound. It is beneficial for the communication purposes for the commercial usage. Balanced SoundGuard technology enables complete new audio experience.