Basic Front and Back End Differences That Every Beginner Should Know

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It is quite normal for every web development beginner level learner to get confused in the front and back end development jargons. At the initial level, the web developers learn the techniques and science behind each and every aspect of the web. It is important to get some taste of all the aspects of web development and web design. But, there is one disadvantage of this method of learning.

There are very few differences between the front end and back end of the website. For the beginners, the concepts of front and back-end development is challenging to understand. With all the teachings of languages, frameworks, APIs and libraries the chances are high that anyone could get confused. Fortunately, right now we all have numerous resources from which we can get that extra dose of education which is desperately required to keep our concepts clear.

This article is also from one of the resources which I have mentioned above. In the next lines of this article, I am going to instigate those basic differences of the front and back-end development that every beginner should know so he can keep his mind clear about such concepts and become a competent enough web developer to join web development service in Dubai.

Front End Development:

The front end of the website is also called as the client side. This side is the one which you see in the browser. It loads and run in the browser and process the requests without taking you back to the server. For any request or call, the JavaScript and AJAX are the two programs that send the details to the server to answer your call. After that, the back-end server processes your call and find out what exactly you want from the website and what is your request. After pulling out your need from the database, it sends back to the front end side to show you the answer to your request.

Back End Development:

The back end development is much more in-depth and needs to be studied in detail. The back end is the bedrock of every website on which the whole structure has to stand. The back end of the websites varies with the programming language used by the developers. Every programming language has its own dynamics and methods of applying and indulging different tools on the website. It is the job of the back-end developer to develop and build a server for the website that can work as the database of the website. Majority of the websites on the internet are developed in the PHP. But that doesn’t mean that PHP can get you all of your desired functionalities. For example, if you want to develop a data-driven site then Python is the best language to use. If you want a fast processing website and want to keep its back end on the lighter side then Ruby is the one programming language which you should use. It is on the needs of the websites and the skills and knowledge of the back-end developer that how he or she approached towards the development of website’s back end.