A website or a mobile app: what should you create first?

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With so many websites and mobile applications existing out there, it’s getting more difficult to differentiate. When in doubt what should you build for your particular business, the answer is – both. However, this should be done on different stages of your corporate development & growth.

If you have already built your web presence, it is time to think of mobile app development for your agency. If not, then you should probably start doing it right now.

Ideally, your business should have both a corporate website and a mobile application.

However, if you have to choose one of the two options for whatever reason it is, here are the core aspects you should consider:

  • Cost & budget
  • Accessibility & speed
  • User-friendliness
  • Marketing benefits
  • Your target audience

Let’s describe each of these aspects in more detail.

Cost & budget

The budget needed to create a website and an app varies a lot. Website creation requires less financial investments & fewer efforts than mobile app development. User interface of your application should be able to adapt according to different platforms such as Android and iOS. Meanwhile, website development can be less expensive depending on its size and complexity, or even free. A specific type of software for web development like WordPress or Wix allows you to create your own web-based platform absolutely for free.

Accessibility & speed

Slow platforms offer weaker user experience to customers than rapid ones. In the world of information overload, time is the most valuable resource than one can have. So, the faster your website works, the better. Installation of a mobile application takes more time than loading of a website. But, unlike with a corporate website, you don’t need the Internet connection to access a mobile app. So, a mobile solution might be more beneficial in terms of accessibility than a web portal. If staying in touch with your customers 24/7 is vital for your type of business, build a feature-rich application for all modern OS including iOS, Android and Windows.

Marketing benefits

Pay attention to your marketing strategy and channels. Does your marketing plan contain SEO? If so, creating a website is your key measure. If you need to reach more potential customers, creating an appealing website and optimising it will be very effective technique. However, if your target audience is navigating through app stores looking for entertainment or education, mobile app development is the right strategy for you.

Whatever is your specific situation, you need to hire professional developers meeting your requirements. By selecting skilled IT specialists, you can stay sure that your future software solution is in good hands.

If you plan on using affiliate marketing tactics or referral marketing, it’s better to build a website than a mobile app.

Behavior & specifics of your target audience

How often do your target users need your product or service? For instance, if your business aims to sell some goods or accessories, the mobile-app format will be more suitable for you. However, if you’re working in a more reputable niche, or your services are long-term oriented, consider creating a website instead. It all begins with your end users – why do they turn to you? Find out the main decision-drivers and behavior specifics – and adjust accordingly.

How often will you make changes?

If you plan to make constant updates & modifications after release, website development is a much more viable strategy than creation of applications. Many banks, hospitals use web-based services or portals to provide the in-depth information to users in an easy-to-digest format. There’s no need for a news-related business to create an app since it will be constantly updated and changed. It’s much simpler & smarter to make small updates on the existing website.

So, which one should you choose?

In most cases, a website is the first solution to build. By creating a mobile-optimised, user-friendly web platform, you can make your business present on the Internet without risk of spending much money with no outcome. To make your web & mobile app development successful, make a proper research, planning. Going through design & development stages is much easier with the help of a custom software development company, so make sure you have them on board. These are just the basic principles you should know before discovering the in-depth details & specifics.