A few tips on how to record a live webinar

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A webinar helps you in giving presentation to a number of individuals over the internet. This allows you to proceed with showing them what you have got and at a very affordable cost. Using the webinar, you can educate people, teach them about various stuff, give value to the audience and customer, and can show off your products or business approach. However, recording a webinar is tricky and if this is the first time you are going to do this then you better look up to how to record a live webinar. Here, we will help you in learning a few good tips.

Choose platform carefully

There are many people who look forward to choosing a webinar platform but don’t pay heed to the features that it offer. They generally see the price and opt for the one which appears to be cheapest. On the other hand, there are certain good options but they tend to be a bit too expensive for many individuals. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the host you choose and it is not necessary that you should stick to a single source. One can always search for the clickwebinar alternatives as there are certain good options like eztalks available to you with various features for free as well as with premium packages.

Planning, preparing, and practicing

One cannot simply overlook the importance of planning and preparation and the host needs to be prepared thoroughly. One has to pay attention to the topic of discussion, its content, and the presentation desk and slides (if any). Just take an overview of the presentation and final video and make sure that it is all in order, just like you want. Don’t leave things to last minute. Prepare your script and practice it.

Audio quality

The audio quality of a webinar has a huge impact on users. It is not only the visual elements, that include the screen sharing and slide deck, but also the audio quality that you have to pay attention to. When the audio is bad, it will distract individuals and force them to leave the webinar. It may make the content less meaningful as audience won’t be able to hear the speakers carefully.

Make sure that you eliminate the background noice and ask the presenters as well as participants to use headset along with microphones. A good external microphone is necessary for the hosts and don’t forget to use the ‘mute’ button as it will come handy. The keyboard keys and paper shuffling are two of the common distracting noises during a webinar.

Take questions

A good webinar is the one where you let individuals actively participate in it and there can’t be a better way to deal with it than taking questions. It helps in improving their live experience and aids you in receiving a real time feedback. Also, this would make the webinar more of a meeting, a conversation, than merely a lecture over the internet. And also, you will end up with an interesting final recording where you won’t be the only one who is speaking.