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A Comprehensive Content Marketing Outline for Content Creators Who Are Looking For a Lucky Break

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Every day there are thousands of new bloggers joining the online world of content marketing. Only a few hundred of them get the recognition they want, that too after months and sometimes, years of working. Success is not instant, but it is critical to maintaining a standard quality of content to see success eventually. Expert writers who rendezvous with success quicker than others have a few secrets they maintain when it comes to content creation. We know how much time and effort it can take to chance upon those secrets. We are here to reveal those secrets to you so that you can enjoy the glory of fame and fandom soon enough.

Content marketing involves some strategies, and it can always include promotions without “hard sell” tactics. These hard selling methods need a considerable amount of resources. Your target should be to bypass the obvious “hard sell” methods and invest in a long-term process that instigates a feeling of commitment and loyalty in your readers. Here are a few ways you can do so with simple content marketing strategies –

Start with simple planning

Content creation is a lot about planning. Of course, we are assuming that you know what your readers want to read. You need to maintain a calendar cum schedule for your posts. Those who are using WordPress can always turn to the endless repository of plug-ins for maintaining a content calendar. In that calendar, you can mention the broad topics, references, inspirations, core ideas and posting dates for your content. Some content creators prefer keeping an excel sheet to maintain a record of their content, the reference links, and posting dates.

Next, move on to SEO and the finer details of content planning. SEO or search engine optimization can start with simple keyword research on a free tool. Find the relevant topics and find out the trending keywords that work for them. Focus on LSI keywords and long-tailed keywords for ranking better with the popular search engines. You may want to optimize your content for Google, Bing or Yahoo. Your choice will depend upon what the majority of your users are using at the moment.

Find out your content’s purpose

Most commonly, bloggers want to draw attention to their brand or a specific product or a social cause. In all of these cases, there is a particular purpose the content fulfills. While planning the content, you need to list its objectives.

Next, you need to list how you plan to reach out to your target audience using this content –

  • Social media
  • Google or Bing (search engines)
  • Other blogging platforms (Medium)
  • Guest blogging

No matter which platform(s) you pick, you need to provide a core message. To find out what will resonate best with your target audience, you should always start with competitor analysis. Find out your top competitors, choose a free but resourceful tool that allows analysis of other businesses and then decide on your USP.

Strategize your content

Next, we delve deeper into the core process of content creation. Find the type of content that your readers will truly appreciate. Ensure that your content correctly conveys the message. There are quite a few kinds of content you need to weigh before you find your golden goose –

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Magazine articles
  • Webinars
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Whitepapers
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks and similar products

Each one has a distinct advantage. However, if this is your first effort, it is always safer to go to your blog. Always pay attention to your level of expertise, ease, and resources before you make a choice. Some of these content types require quite a bit of money. Videos, video guides, webinars, ebooks, podcasts and even infographics may need several steps of outsourcing. You can easily get extra funding from crowd funding platforms, small business loan companies, credit unions and consolidation loan companies. They provide instant cash at amicable monthly rates for all small businesses and start-ups.

Engage in active content promotion

There are hundreds of social media channels, blog sharing platforms and guest blogging sites you can use to get more followers. Nonetheless, it all boils down to good content promotion strategies. Each channel will drive specific kinds of traffic to your site, so it is essential that you allocate at least one goal to each one of them –

  • Inbound traffic to your blog (backlinks)
  • Build a community of followers
  • Generate leads that contribute to the sales funnel (for B2B and B2C bloggers)
  • Engage more readers
  • Build thought leadership
  • Educate the readers about your cause and product

Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, gives content creators to engage with their followers and readers directly. Whereas, media like LinkedIn are more formal. You need to decide on the appropriate tone, title and type of content you can share on each channel. This will contribute to your link building strategy, and it will help you get new leads from your content almost every hour.

To sum it up

To build a strong foundation for your content marketing strategy you first need to decide why you are writing and for whom you are writing. Once you have your objective and your audience, it is much easier to create content that people will genuinely like and share with their friends. Technology plays a significant role in content marketing. So, decide on which platform you want to use for reaching out to your target readers. By technology, we also mean the social media platforms like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You will need to teach yourself how to interpret the results of social media shares and traffic diversions from social media links. Once you have that, work on your schedule and come up with content that resonates with your chosen crowd. There are quite a few new things you need to adapt and learn to start on a path to success.