6 Necessary Updates For WordPress Websites In 2018

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When we are talking about website design development Auckland, many web development organizations will charge you an extremely high price if you are getting your website made from scratch. The reason is that it takes a lot of time to develop a website completely from scratch. A team of web designers, UI/UX designers, and web developers, have to work as a team and coordinate with each other to make a website work. Moreover, websites can take almost a month to develop and initialize. However, WordPress is another option that people have been using a lot.

WordPress offers a lot of plugins that you can integrate into your website that will help it in operating much faster and efficiently. WordPress helps to develop a website in a shorter amount of time, and a wide variety of WordPress plugins help you in making your website work in a way you want it to work. So if you are looking for such WordPress plugins that will effectively improve your website’s performance and other features, then you should surely read this article.


Akismet is a software that has been developed by the team that are the pioneers of the WordPress. Akismet is a plugin that comes default installed with the WordPress. It is quite a simple plugin as it filters out all the comments that you get. The plugin is quite effective in what it supposed to do. Other than filtering the comments, it also mentions the date on which the comment was made and all the other log details that are relevant to that comment.


Hiring a web designer for a website design Auckland can be expensive. These website designers can charge you around $100-500 for a single design pattern, and if that is expensive for you, you can use Divi to create your own website. Divi lets you develop an extremely simplified website in a very small amount of time, however, your modification options will be limited.

User Registration

It is a simplified registration form that comes installed with WordPress. Since it is extremely simple, it only lets users input email and password to login. Moreover, the UI is not user-friendly, so you should get an expert for that.

W3 Total Cache

Another one of the basic plugins that come installed with WordPress.W3 Total Cache basically caches your pages, database, objects and it also lets you integrate CDN services to reduce load time.

WordFence Security

You can hire any website designing company for website design Auckland, however, you should hire the one that focuses on both security, functionality and design of your website, such as Kiwi Website Design, etc. WordFence is such a plugin that can enhance your website’s security and can let you do live traffic checks, malware scans and blocking as well.

WP Smush

WP is a very simple plugin that comes as default on installing WordPress and basically reduces the image size that you upload to your website. Since the original image size can cause slowdowns.