5 Tips to prevent spam

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Gone are those days when your inbox was full of alarming emails with diet or trick ads to get the lowest mortgage rates possible. But the intense war between the spammers and the attackers did not end, since these “spammers” are smarter than before, which requires that you be too.

Use these five tips to avoid spam and keep your systems as safe and clean as possible:

  1. Be aware of the use of your box : First, you have to know that spam emails still exist. Therefore, you should suspect all those emails from friends that look like requests or contain links and invite you to click there and never, never respond to spammers that have arrived in your inbox. You should also bear in mind that “spam masks” can come from legitimate sources, such as Facebook, your bank or other reputable institutions.
  2. Security in the Networks : A long time ago, spam came to the networks in the form of false user profiles with malicious requests or messages. A bigger threat now is the use of short links (like bit.ly) on Twitter and Facebook that pretend to take you somewhere, while you end up on spam sites. Spammers have also managed to get on Instagram now, like fake users who share screen captures of the sites they promote. As we always recommend, do not click on suspicious links, but do try to pay attention to the network’s spam reporting tools to help them eradicate these abusers from the platforms.
  3. Use Plugins . There are many plugins available for you to add to your web browser, which can help you keep your privacy safe while reducing the amount of spam you expose when surfing the web. This includes popular options such as Firefox and Chrome, with functions that can mask your email address to potential spammers, block spam ads and scripts on the web pages you visit and can also reduce or eliminate the cookies you leave when browsing the web, cookies that advertisers and spammers use to flood you with messages that you do not want and that can be potentially harmful.
  4. System updates : As always, we recommend keeping your software programs and operating system updated. The latest versions of all these platforms include the latest security patches to prevent your system from getting infected, so you must follow these steps and avoid being caught by spammers who may be trying to damage or hijack your system.
  5. Use an antivirus product : Even if you use many prevention tactics that protect you 100%, you need to download the best antivirus software for pc -and keep updated- a strong antivirus system , which protects you from the latest threats and identifies suspicious and phishing sites .