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5 Tips for Making Better Apps

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Mobile apps are vital for the success of all businesses as of now. But what about the success of the apps? Just getting a mobile app developed for your business isn’t enough now with all the competition that the apps face on the app stores. Hence it is a necessity now to make the apps as good as you probably can.

So here are 5 tips which would aid you in making better apps:

Relativity is the Key

Make sure that the apps you develop are relative to the platform your app is being run on. What this essentially means is that you need to keep in mind the platform on which your app is running. If your app is running on a Windows device, you would have a different UI and UX for your app. If your app is running on an Android device, it goes without saying that you would need a completely different UI and UX.

Know Your Platforms

Android has a different set of guidelines while iOS has a different set of guidelines which are to be used by the developers for developing apps for those platforms. Using iOS guidelines for making Android apps would make you lose out on precious customers. So make sure that you know which platforms you’re working on and then make the apps accordingly. If you intend to release your app on different platforms, this knowledge would ensure that your apps are built according to the intended platforms.

Design it Well

Design is an important part of developing any mobile app. If your designer made a poor design, the final app would look poor as well. Hence it is advisable to take some time out to discuss the idea with the designers and make sure that they design the app according to your requirements. While the designers know what they’re doing, it is always better to make sure that the end result is exactly how you want it to be.

Test Often

For reducing the turnaround time, many app developers reduce the time spent on testing. While this reduces the turnaround time considerably, it exposes your app to a lot of bugs. It is only natural for developers to make bugs while developing the app and when these bugs go unchecked, they would give a negative impression on your customers. Hence you you should always get your app tested during development and after development. Testing should be fairly frequent for ensuring that no bug goes unnoticed.

Be a User

We all know that while developing an app, it is important to look at it from a user’s point of view. But after the app is developed, you must use it as well. This would help you understand, in full effect, how the users would feel when they use your app. Insights such as this would help you notice what’s wrong with your app (if there’s something wrong with your app). This would help you improve the quality of your app since now you know exactly what can be improved upon in the app.

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