5 Essential Elements of a Good Real Estate Website

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Are you considering doing a makeover for your real estate website? Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry because you can get help from various website designers. The website designers will help you to get many leads to your website.

The following are some of the essential elements of a real estate agency website design.

  1. A clear and concise navigation bar

The main goal of every real estate website when doing marketing is to get many leads. If the navigation is not comprehensive and cannot be identified easily, then the visitors can’t stick to the website for long. You should label your website’s pages clearly, for example, your about page, the listing page, or the blog page at the top of your website.

The only thing that you should exclude from navigation is the landing page, this is because they work best without navigation since their main purpose is to keep the visitors on the page so that they can give their personal details like phone number, email address, etc.

  1. The visual elements [videos and images]

The visual elements include both videos and images which is a must for any agent who wants to capture leads successfully. The videos and images should be front-and-center. Capturing video testimonials from happy clients is also vital.

It is also advisable to take stunning photos of good restaurants and stores. Using videos andimages will greatly benefit your website [and real estate marketing as a whole]. Research has shown that website articles with relevant images receive 94% more views than articles with no images.

Again, the use of videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. 60% of customers are also more likely to click on local search results with images than those without.

  1. Strong Property Listings

Real estate is all about marketing and selling the properties. And so your listing should be informative. The following are some of the information that you should include on your actual listings.

Property details and features: Ensure that you pitch your property appropriately. You should consider things such as amenities, freeway access, parking, etc. At least you should spend some time writing some compelling property description that will attract the attention of potential customers.

Location information: the location should be accessible for the clients. In real estates, customers usually check out property from the street before contacting a commercial real estate broker. Using a map or a clear address might be the best way to give buyers a point or reference.

  1. A Clear Service Descriptions

It is essential that you be clear on the services that you offer to avoid confusing the users. The services here means what the company actually does. One of the approaches to this is to have two different parts which are, the “Real Estate Services” and “Tenant Services”. Another approach can be to create a landing page which has all the services together with descriptions.

  1. The Staffs’ Bios

The staffs’ bio can bring credibility and personality to the website. The staffs’ bio can include;

  • The staffs’ photos; this can make a huge difference to your staff and the bio pages.
  • Their credentials
  • Any other related information