4 Advantages of MS Excel

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most efficient and vital tools developed by Microsoft as it deals with the data entry. People use it wisely all over the globe for industrial as well as business purposes. It is the most used spreadsheet program for the business starters to the tycoons. Compiling the raw data and storing it as a file of information for a sector, is the sole concept behind the creation of the program MS-excel. Managing and executing data and financing is made more comfortable with this program. The main advantages of using the program are listed in brief.

  • Basic accountancy and management

The accountancy management issue is resolved by using the Microsoft Excel program by many small and medium industries and organizations. Maintaining the transaction records is easy. The user gets access to the separate columns and rows to sustain different fields. They also have the flexibility to Maintain graphical analysis and pie charts of the data as well. Product sales and tracking can also be enumerated by maintaining Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. There is a better security option to store and retrieve the information accordingly.

  • Tracking schedule

The working schedule for an individual as well as for an organization is controllable with the help of this program. Without any loss of data, and with much more fidelity, one can access to the monthly or weekly schedule. It recalls the assignments given to the workers by the manager to get the notice of deadline and to submit the project to the client in time. The track of payment and the date of cash along with the amount is kept recorded by the simple use of these spreadsheets. Interested in learning How To Go To Next Line In Excel?

  • Enumeration of customer data and analysis

A large number of names and contacts are also storable with required fonts, shades and color using this application. It can separate the different categories of customers of a company. Also, it can relate and analyze the record of each of them. The conditional formatting offers the users with a variety of formatting options, and user-friendliness of the program makes it famous. When the track of customer data arrives, one can print a hard copy or display it accordingly.

  • Presentation and graphs via online access

Along with the spreadsheet and the data, an organization can readily make required graphs and charts that can be shared via internet when necessary. Presentation for the clients is made more accessible with this program. All the shared data and the performance can be accessed from any part of the world in any media of communication via internet like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The online version of the Microsoft Excel is named as Office 365, which is widely used, by the clients and the organization to access the spreadsheets and graphs online regularly where multiple users can access a single spreadsheet.

Excel maintains data integrity as well as complies the information at a single location. The developed security option available in MS-Excel with its password and encryption features makes it a complete program for the professional executives. It is beneficial to make progress in future for comparing the past and analyzing future strategies.