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3 Important Aspects of Modern Web Design

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Nothing can make or break your online presence quite like a website which hasn’t been developed with the end user in mind. There are certain features which every site should include and others which are nice to have but will not cause visitors to bounce off before even looking to see what you are all about and what it is you have to offer. Keeping in mind that bounce rate is one of the major elements within Google’s algorithms, every website should be designed in such a way as to engage visitors to the point where they’ll stay long enough to look around. Here are three important aspects of modern web design that are proven to make your site work for you.

1. Security Is Huge

This is one you probably didn’t expect! With Google’s latest algorithms they just released this year, the search giant has emphatically stated that they will take rank away from sites that aren’t secure. Now it is more important than ever to have a website designed and hosted with the highest levels of internet security and so if your site doesn’t have an “https” URL, it will be displayed in the address bar as “Not Secure” and you will also lose points for this with the crawlers.

2. Regular Backup of Files

Whenever you have your web development company design your site, always understand that secure backup is also vital. There are multiple reasons why your server may crash, and you can’t always rely on them to back up your files. Any hosting company worth the money you pay for it will have back up, but why rely on that? Do your own backup regularly, in the Cloud and on your local drive if you must, but make sure that all those pages you worked so hard on or paid so much for will be in a safe place to be uploaded if your server should crash. Nothing deters visitors from returning quite like a 404 page not available message, so make sure you can access and upload those pages on a moment’s notice!

3. The Importance of Color

One of the main things you can do to entice visitors to stick around is to use color effectively. Most of the big web development companies say that strong colors are a must, but not too many of them. If you are wondering about just how many colors you should be using, why not check out the mammoth sites like perhaps Apple, Amazon or Microsoft? You will find their iconic colors and other complementary colors on their pages, but you won’t find a rainbow collage of colors that make the viewer literally dizzy. The effective use of color is important so start with your own company’s primary colors that you use in your logo and go from there.

These three aspects of modern web design are all important features you should pay careful attention to. While coding and other back end aspects are important, the thing to really focus on is the User Experience, UX. This is what the crawlers look at and this is how your visitors rate your website, so if you start with these three aspects, everything else should fall into place quite nicely.