Here’s a Link Building Checklist to Ensure Quality Backlink Creation

Link building as a technique can be very tedious at times. When guide on home trends running a website that has been around for three to four years, keeping track of backlinks and their quality can be excruciating.

If you run a website that gets average to above-average traffic, you can expect a lot of backlinks to be added to your portfolio without your knowledge. Some backlinks may also disappear from time to time. The life of an SEO is not just focused on writing content and keyword research, but also keeping track of backlinks.

In importance, many SEOs would tell you that backlinks are the second-most important factor in SEO after content relevance. Not too long ago, Google used the number of backlinks as the defining parameter to rank websites. Since quantity mattered more, methods like PR submissions which created a hundred backlinks with one click would be very popular.

Now, link building is a much more complex process. Search engines want websites to rather have one well-earned backlink compared to a hundred other useless and irrelevant backlinks.

Over time, digital marketing institutes have also evolved to make students appreciate legitimate forms of link building.

In this article, we will discuss a link building checklist that can help students ensure quality backlink creation.

Relevance Analysis

The first thing to check in link building analysis is studying their relevance. A lot of people may have linked to your webpages themselves which may not be relevant to your content. Perform this exercise to figure out the number of backlinks you’re getting which are actually not relevant to the content you have on your websites.

Remove backlinks you created back in the day through forum posting, PR submissions, and irrelevant local citations which may end up diluting the quality of your links.

Domain Authority Analysis

When you actually get down to practice link building, make a list of websites you want to target based upon their DA score. Never try to manually get a backlink from a website with DA below your own. Always approach websites that have a better DA than your own website in order to increase your own DA and search ranking as a result.

Competitor Analysis

Lastly, check the kind of backlinks your competitors are creating. This will help you frame your own link building strategy.

In many cases, your competitors may have found a source for creating backlinks which you may have missed out upon. There are a number of free tools you can use to find the backlinks your competitor is creating. Study these backlinks and analyze how you can get links your competitors are getting.

In link building, the key is not to do exceedingly well but to outdo competitors. Beat your competitors and your link building strategy is optimal.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers a link building checklist which SEOs must track while creating backlinks for their website.

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