What Website Tools do Payday Lenders Use to Improve Customer Experience

With more and more entrepreneurs looking to dip into the financial markets (as a payday lender), it’s important they get everything right from start to finish. This doesn’t always mean being able to provide finance to those who desperately need it, nor does it mean being able to offer a flawless application service. It means being able to provide top support as and when consumers need it. Website navigation has proven crucial in terms of those lenders who are competing for the top spot but, more importantly, having the right tools to provide an excellent customer experience is a necessity. What tools do payday lenders take advantage of to ensure their customers are well looked after?

Live Chat Support

Live chat support tools are a major influence in the payday lenders industry. How many times have we, individually, become frustrated when it comes to money because we can’t get a hold of the necessary contacts to sort out our accounts? We could end up waiting for a long period of time before someone answers the phone to even provide the support we need. We could even up waiting days for a simple reply to our email. However, with the inclusion of live chat features, payday lenders now have the ability to support multiple customers at once. It’s one of the most important, if not the most important, features that payday lenders provide. This is a tool that many lenders seem to overlook but can lead to a much higher conversion rate through website visitors.

FAQ Support

This is one of the most basic support methods out there, but it’s still one that payday lenders need to provide if they are to take care of the most basic questions. If they don’t, they could end up with hundreds of customers who choose to phone them and waste time (employee’s time) with silly common questions that can be answered with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. As a payday lender, it’s crucial to make the whole process as efficient as possible, and that starts by providing the right pre-sales service. If lenders do not provide simple customer service such as an FAQ page, they could end up losing out on a big chunk of customers to a lender who does.

Contact Forms

This is yet another basic tool that the top lenders provide for those seeking quick finance options. A contact form doesn’t have to be complex; it just needs to be there. A lot of people struggle when it comes to building up confidence to speak to customer service representatives over the phone, so having a contact method handy to support those who need it could very much play into their hands. Contact forms not only make it easier for consumers to get in touch, but it also makes the company more efficient. Why? Because employees no longer have to think about questions or wait for long-haul software to load up and answer them automatically. Contact forms can be answered when employees have a bit of time to answer them and, what’s more, they can also provide a much more accurate response to those who need it.

Learning Centre

Many of us know what payday loans are and how useful they can be (if repaid on time) but there are many consumers out there who don’t. Therefore, having some sort of learning center could play a pivotal part in securing the customers they need going forward. A learning center is slightly different to that of an FAQ page, as it goes into much more detail and even provides full pages of content to answer even the most uncommon questions. This simple feature, yet again, ensures a payday lender is much more efficient. But, not only does it provide answers, it also provides a way to get noticed in Google. Many lenders now fill their learning centers with plenty of content so the likes of Google and Bing can send out their search engine spiders to provide the content to those customers who really need it. A learning center could be the difference in a payday lender being a massive failure or a major success. You can visit this page if you’d like more information on how learning centers and payday lenders work in general.

Easy Application Forms

Not only do payday lenders take advantage of already-built contact forms so they can provide the necessary support or pre-sales information, but they also provide easy application forms to those consumers who don’t necessarily have the tech know-how to apply. These days, it’s all about filling in a few personal details about yourself and you’re usually away to securing the finance you require. Application forms are becoming much easier to deal with and, within just a few minutes of your time, you could well have the capital that you need.

Blogging Tools

While many payday lenders opt for a learning center type experience, many others provide a section on their website where they can write about all things wonderful. These are especially useful to those customers who are not only looking to secure quick finance, but want to get to know the company from the bottom up. Blogs aren’t only excellent ways to provide support, but they are also there to help people who are looking to get better when it comes to handling their finances. Providing simple hints and tips could be the difference between landing customers who are not only struggling to obtain credit, but also looking to mature and possibly learn a thing or two when it comes to borrowing money and paying it back.

It’s the payday lenders’ duty to not only provide capital to those who need it, but to provide support when customers need it. Each payday lender has plenty of competition on their hands with not only the most established financial services out there, but also the up and coming lenders who are willing to make a difference in the industry. Therefore, having the right tools at their disposal is something many of the new lenders are looking at implementing.

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