4 Ways to Promote Your Business by Thinking Outside the Box

Not all promotional efforts need to follow the same path. The more creative or different they are, the greater the likelihood that your company will locate possible customers it would not have found otherwise.

Here are four ways to promote your business a little differently.

1.      Direct Marketing

Direct marketing isn’t as popular as it once was with all the online methods of promotion nowadays, however, it’s more effective than ever. This is due to the reduction in direct mail campaigns. Mailboxes are not flooded like they used to be. Mostly, people are dealing with an email glut; not a mailbox that’s stuffed to the brim.

There are direct mail marketing agencies and there are specialists too. For instance, marketing for dentists is lucrative enough that some direct mail agencies only focus on this one industry. They create glossy, full-color postcard designs for mailings that get a strong response rate compared to less focused campaigns. The returns on marketing spend can be as good as 400 percent, which surprises companies that haven’t tried direct mail in a while.

2.      Merchandise

Distributing merchandise such as baseball caps, pens, coffee mugs, and t-shirts that will be seen by other people proves to be an enduring way to market a brand.

Getting a custom t-shirt printed up is easier than ever. Using Amazon’s Merch, a t-shirt design using a software package like Photoshop or Canva.com can be produced quickly, then submitted to Amazon for the production of a t-shirt. Using print-on-demand services, Amazon produces the t-shirts to the size required only when the customer orders them. It’s possible that a design can be made and ordered by your company for its own distribution later.

Other companies produce custom coffee mugs, which can be adorned with the business logo or a catchy slogan.

3.      Sponsorship of Local Events

If your company wishes to sponsor a local event, then that puts the brand in front of all the attendees. The event organizers understand why sponsorship is undertaken. They ensure your logo is seen when entering the event and strategically placed around the event location.

Even for a nationwide company, getting into the hearts and minds of people in each local vicinity provides a way to build brand recognition and expand the customer base one part of the country at a time. When wanting to grow carefully, this is a controlled way to do so.

4.      Loss Leader Marketing

The idea with loss leader marketing is to offer one or more products at a steep discount where it’s at cost and others at the full price. Depending on the type of business and product mix, it’s quite possible that customers will be enticed to buy the cheaper product but end up anteing up for a full price one too.

It’s not a strategy that works for every business, as it very much depends on the products available, but it’s a proven low-key marketing strategy that works.

Whatever marketing approach you use, do a cost-benefit analysis to determine the customer acquisition costs and the expected lifetime value of each new customer. This way, you can properly assess how successful each marketing method is for your business.

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