5 things you did not know about Office 365

Surely you already know that Office 365 is the Microsoft solution based on the cloud that allows you to access all your resources from anywhere and with any device, thus promoting collaboration and business mobility.

Although this Microsoft product is already positioned and is well known, there are some doubts from users about the tools it includes and its functionality. That’s why we introduce you

5 things that you probably did not know or did not know about Office 365:

Office 365 Plan Enterprise 5 (For companies): 

It is the recent and improved subscription to Office 365, that in addition to all the benefits and advantages that the Enterprise plans contain, we add the online meetings, meetings in broadcast, PSTN conferences, cloud PBX, among other novelties; cataloged as the most complete Office 365 plan.

Find Time 

It is the best compliment that you needed to schedule all your meetings with Outlook, as you schedule meetings with your sales and marketing department, for example; In order to find the best free time to meet, creating surveys among yourselves and suggest a change of schedule if you have not planned.


Better known as Office Graph is the novelty that allows you to focus on the most important messages in your inbox and at the same time removes distractions. It is the perfect friend that you can personalize and teach, so that you consider only high importance emails, which allow you to prioritize your activities or tasks and at the same time save those of less importance in your folder, to review them later.


It is the perfect application for your Marketing and Advertising department because it allows users to combine content and images in order to create a presentable website. They can also extract content locally from any device they are using, or from Internet sources such as Bing, One Drive, YouTube and Facebook, which makes it a highly interactive tool even for social networks.

OneDrive: “Unlimited Storage for Business”. 

It is planned that by March 2016, companies that have more than 5 users of Office 365 Enterprise, will have the automatic benefit of increasing 1TB to 5TB of OneDrive storage per user, in order to improve business collaboration, productivity and the focus of the internal communication demanded by organizations today. As for the rest of the plans, it is mentioned that they will continue to have 1TB of storage since based on one study they consume less of said capacity.

Now you know a little more about everything you can do with Microsoft Office 365  and why Microsoft names it as the future of business productivity.

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