Boost Your Business Potential: Convert a Static HTML Site to WordPress

Designing websites deploying static HTML code is on its way to be an outdated practice, increasing number of web designers have adapted the practice of converting PSD to HTML and HTML to WordPress while designing and developing a website. Numerous factors play important role in the upsurge of this trend. The scripts and styles in HTML websites were earlier coded with HTML framework eventually the websites were likely to get slower. As bulk of same code was required to be loaded for each page, it reduced the website loading speed. To address these issues web developers have come up with the advanced HTML to WordPress conversion method.

Converting the HTML website to WordPress is proven conducive in different aspects, WordPress is not only the best blogging platform till date but it is also a great flexible open source platform to develop business website. The following points will help you understand the advantages of converting HTML website into WordPress theme better-

  • Dynamic Content Management System

The old HTML websites are static encompassing lots of pages and lines of codes; each of the web pages on the website is equivalent to a HTML file with same design and layout. On the other hand, WordPress websites are not only easier to create but its immensely easier to update, manage the content, this very reason makes it a preferable to the HTML website design. Though WordPress was originally launched with the purpose of facilitating online blog publishing with lot of functions integrated into the platform it is being dynamically used for website design.

  • Easy to Work

WordPress is easy to use with the assistance off vibrant community available 24/7; this CMS offers lot of additional themes and themes that made the web development process easier. The coding process also becomes easier, with least coding knowledge one can easily update the contents. One can simply login to the WordPress site and include new content; the easy to use and intuitive interface of WordPress makes it immensely easier to update the contents without the help of professionals. With regular update of content websites, get better chance to get visible on the search engine result pages, as Google loves websites with fresh contents.

The open source nature of WordPress encourage the vibrant community to contribute, developers continue to release updates that help the users to stay conversant with the current happenings in this arena.

  • SEO friendly

WordPress has been designed to embrace search engine and its features were designed to be SEO friendly. The WordPress features help search engines to crawl website easily and accumulate the necessary information helping search engines include site into their database. It further encompasses a number of security features helping users to optimize their website in compliance to the SEO guidelines. WordPress thus an essentially beneficial in obtaining higher rankings that is the ultimate aim of digital marketing. The exceptional plug-ins further help to develop the website more search engine friendly.

  • Freedom of Customization According to Web Design

WordPress provides the opportunity of customizing the website in accordance with the designs by selecting out the theme. WordPress websites can be further modified with external plug-in, once can incorporate any functionality to the existing website. Though for beginners theme customization may seem to be a complicated job but with the support of vibrant exceptionally supportive team of WordPress one can easily overcome the obstacles encountered while developing a website.

The digital face of your business must have professional and appealing outlook thereby, hiring a professional web design and development service provider is certainly the pragmatic choice. With professional help, you can actually incorporate the looks and functionality you have always wanted your website to encompass in compliance to your business needs. Being a beginner with minimal skill in coding you may opt for HTML to WordPress Converter tools while coding your website but remember it can’t match with the results website may have with manual coding. Your entire effort will be futile if your website fail short in offering great user experience to the visitors. Thus, it’s a prolific option to hire the right web design service provider.


In this cutthroat market, having an exceptional website can secure a dynamic web presence and creating website on CMS software like WordPress now seem to be the ideal solution for fueling your business growth on internet.

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